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How to use quick replies/canned replies?

How to create and send quick replies?

Quick replies are very useful when you have a lot of contacts and would have to send repeated messages to clients or the same message content to different clients. Moreover, WATI allows you to customize your quick replies into being personalized by adding contact and custom variables.

Here is how you can create a quick reply:

  1. Login to your WATI Account and navigate to Team Inbox
  2. Choose a conversation and click on this icon:

  1. Click on the blue button that says "Create"

  1. A dialogue will open up with two text fields and a button:
    3. Button to add IMAGE/DOC/VIDEO
  2. In the First Text Field, you will have to type in the title of your Quick Response, which you can then later search out too
  3. In the Second Text Field, you need to write the content of your Quick Response. To make your content personalized, you can manually add variables too. (eg. {{name}}, {{phone}},{{city}} and many more)
Variables will be inserted with information automatically when you send a quick reply.

You can also add the user's name in your quick reply using the variable {{operator.first_name}}
  1. Lastly, the button can be used to add media in the form of an image, video, or document

The quick reply can be something like this:

  1. Press Save to save the quick reply that you just created

How to send your quick replies?

Send from the list of quick responses
  1. Once, you have created your quick reply is created. You can then see it in the list of your quick replies

  1. You can simply either search from the search bar on top or just click a quick reply
  2. Once you click a quick reply that you want to send
  3. You will get a preview if there are media in your quick reply or else your quick reply will be seen in the text box of your Team Inbox
  4. Press Enter to send your quick reply
Send quick replies using "/"

Another way of sending quick replies is by entering "/" this key to your text field. It opens up a list of your quick replies and you can easily send a quick reply from there.

You just have to type "/" and then you can select the quick reply or just type the whole name of the quick reply down and press enter.

Editing, Copying, and Deleting Quick Reply

You can easily edit and delete your quick replies, by opening the list of quick replies and following these steps:

  1. You will see three options:
    1. The copy icon allows you to create a duplicate of your quick reply (a new quick reply on the basis of the one you duplicate)
    2. The pencil icon allows you to edit your quick reply
    3. The trash bin icon allows you to delete your quick reply
    To know more about the supported media types and sizes on WATI, please click here

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