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Calendly Integration via Pabbly

Calendly, a very widely used slot booking application can be integrated with WATI via Pabbly Connect.

Use Case:

Whenever someone books a slot via Calendly, they must receive a notification on their Mobile Phone

This Integration can be done using free versions of Calendly & Pabbly, but Pro versions are recommended.


1. In Calendly, edit the event you want to Integrate with WATI

2. Click on Invitee Questions under Additional Options

3. Add the Phone Number as a Question and make it mandatory (this is the number we will send notification to)

4. In Pabbly, Create a new Workflow

5. Search and choose Calendly as the trigger. Trigger event should be Invitee Created

6. Click Connect and create a connection with your Calendly account

7. Click Save & Send Test Request, you should see status change to Waiting for Response

8. Go back to Calendly and schedule a meeting with yourself

9. Once the meeting is scheduled, you should see the event's metadata populate in Pabbly.

10. Now Search for WATI app in the next step and connect with your WATI Account

The API Endpoint and Acess Token can be found at WATI Dashboard -> API Docs

11. Once the connection is successful,

  • Set up the input value for Whatsapp Number
  • Choose a Template
  • Type a name for the Broadcast and
  • Add the custom parameters in JSON format

Below is the sample template containing 3 variables, calendly_name, meeting_type, and reschedule_url Therefore, the mappings for all 3 must be provided in the Custom Params section above in JSON format. Example:

"name": "calendly_name",
"value": "1. Res3 Resource Name : Integration Tester"
"name": "meeting_type",
"value": "1. Res2 Resource Name : 30 Minute Meeting"
"name": "reschedule_url",
"value": "1. Res3 Resource Reschedule Url :"

12. Click Save & Send Test Request. You should receive the template message on the mobile number entered in step 8.

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