How to add buttons with template messages?

Buttons With Template Messages

Adding buttons with your template messages, just gives your message a whole new look and also makes it more attractive.

In the above picture, you can see two buttons and the user has the option to choose.

Adding Buttons

Go to WATI, and get to your template dashboard.

After almost creating your template you see an option like this:

When you activate this option, you get two options:

  • Call to Action
  • Quick Reply

Call to Action

In a call to action template, you can only add up to two buttons moreover, the options are only to be "Visit Website" and "Call Phone". You can add both buttons in one message, also for every button, you can choose if the button text should be static or dynamic.

Static - The button text won't change no matter who you are sending the message to.

Dynamic - The button text can include variables and can be a personalised message.

Quick Reply

In Quick Reply, you can add up to 3 buttons all of them having Button text up to 20.

This is how you can easily add buttons to your template messages.

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