How do I add a Keyword Action?

To access this feature, click Automation menu. On left panel, click "Keyword Action". Click button "Add keyword action".

The process to create new keyword action including 2 steps as below:

Step 1: Trigger Keywor

Click the button "+ ADD KEYWORD". Input the keyword into the popup. This will be checked when customer asking this keyword and response accordingly. Then click "Save"

2. Choose one between 2 values in "Message matching methods":

  • Fuzzy matching: "contain". For example, we can define "Company Information" as a keyword with this matching methods. Then customer can ask any long question, as long as it contain "company information", it will be replied correctly: + Can I know about your company information?
    + Where to get company information?
    + ...
  • Exact matching: What customer asks must match the keyword 100% in order to send response. For example, we can define "Hi". So whenever customer say "Hi", system will always reply nicely base on reply material

3. Click "Next Step"

4. In second step, we can select a checkbox on top of existing reply materials, or click "Add text" to add new reply material. Note: WATI support 3 different types of material including Text, Document and Image.

Please note that multiple reply materials can be chosen for the same keyword e.g. if 2 reply materials are chosen, it will send 2 messages to the customer.

5. Then click "Save" button:

In above screen there also have some other actions:

1.Return: Bring you back to the Summary page of "Keyword action" where it shows "Keyword Action List".

2.Previous: Bring you back to step 1 if you need to update anything.

3.Search: Search name or content of existing materials.

4&5: Edit and delete an existing template.

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What is Keyword Action?