How to get more Add-On Users?

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All Wati Plans include 5 users by default.

You can add more users to your Wati account by purchasing add-on users.

If you're on Wati's New Pricing Plan, the subscription fee for add-on users is as follows -

Plan Name Add-On User Fee
Growth $12/month/user
Pro $24/month/user
Business $69/month/user

For Old Plans, the Add-On User Fee is -

  • $30/user/month on the Monthly Plan
  • $25/user/month on the Annual Plan

How to purchase Add-On Users?

If you're on the New Pricing Plan, you can purchase add-on users on your own from your Wati Account.

If you're on an old pricing plan (before Aug 2023), to buy more add-on users, please drop an email to

If you'd like to purchase add-on users, please follow these steps -

  1. On Wati, click on "More" --> "Account Details"
  1. Click on "Your Plan" on the left navigation and you will find a section to check "Add-On Users" 

Click on "Change User Add-On" button

  1. Use the slider to choose the add-on users that you want to subscribe to and then click on "Buy Now"
The frequency of the user add-on billing will be the same as your base plan. This means - If you are on the Annual Plan, your user add-on will be billed annually
If you're downgrading your monthly chatbot sessions, the downgrade will be effective from the next billing cycle.

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