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Zoho CRM Integration

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Zoho CRM Integration with WATI can be done with any version of Zoho CRM, but to install the plugin you need the Zoho Professional Plan or higher


WATI has a native integration with Zoho CRM. You can download the WATI app from the Zoho CRM Marketplace


Using the WATI Integration with Zoho CRM, you have access to the below features -

  • Send template/notification messages to Leads/Contacts/Deals
  • Send automatic WhatsApp Notifications to Leads/Contacts/Deals from Workflows
  • Chat with your leads/contacts on WhatsApp with 2-way chat integration
  • Create leads/contacts automatically on Zoho CRM when a new user messages on WATI

For Zoho trial editions, please visit for Feature Availability & Limits on different editions.

Video Guides

  1. Setup WATI Plugin on Zoho CRM
  1. Send WhatsApp Notifications from Zoho CRM
  1. Send WhatsApp Notification automatically from Zoho CRM Workflow
  1. Chat on WhatsApp through Zoho CRM
  1. Create Leads/Contacts on Zoho CRM automatically when you get a message on WhatsApp

How to Setup on Zoho CRM

  1. Navigate to our Extension on the Zoho App Marketplace and click "Install"
  2. Confirm installation and click "Install"
  3. Agree to the terms and click "Continue to Install"
  4. Install for the users that you want to install for
  5. After installing you will be automatically redirected to Settings.
    If you have existing WATI account --> Select "Existing WATI user" option and click on "Next" button
    If you're new user select "New to WATI" option and click on "Next" button. You will need to go through a short registration process and then you will be able to use the plugin
  6. On "Settings", please add the API Endpoint URL and Bearer Token and click "Save"
You will find the API Endpoint URL and Bearer Token on your WATI Account --> API Docs Page

Advanced setup

Let's take a look at the new features:

Automatically create lead or contact if there is no any data in Zoho CRM

  • Import all contacts from WATI into Zoho CRM if Contacts/Leads is empty

Convert first-time visitors to Lead/Contact

This feature will work only if we connect our Zoho CRM from WATI app (described below).

Contact will be automatically added to Zoho CRM if:

  • User added a new contact manually from Contacts page in WATI
  • User added new contact via Import Contacts function from Contacts page in WATI
  • User Upload contact file when sending Brooadcast in WATI
  1. Turn on "Automatically create lead or contact if there is no any data in Zoho CRM", select Convert first-time visitors to Lead/Contact and enter Lead Source name (can leave WATI by default).
    Lead source will be applied for Leads only. Contacts don't have Lead Source field.
    Lead Source won't be applied for first-time visitors contacts (this feature is described below), it will be "WATI" always regardless of what we have set in "Lead Source" field
  2. Click on "Save" button --> Import will be started (if contacts/leads are empty in your Zoho CRM). Import will take some time if WATI environment has huge amount of contacts
    If you have any Leads or Contacts in Zoho - Import will not start. You need to clear all your Leads/Contacts first
  3. After import contacts will be added to Contacts/Leads (depending on what you chose during setup).

As you can see Lead Source is WATI as we specified.

Setup on WATI side

Then we have to connect our Zoho CRM in WATI app to make Convert first-time visitors to Lead/Contact feature work. It's very simple.

  1. Open "Integration" page in WATI and click on Zoho integration:
  2. Click on "Connect With Zoho CRM" button
  3. Check out the warning and click on "Connect" button
    Remember that Zoho account can only have one WATI integration, otherwise old integration will be replaced with new and some data may be lost
  4. Log in with your Zoho account
  5. Check what data Zoho will have access to and click on "Accept" button

After that you will be redirected back to WATI with connected Zoho CRM organization

You can easily remove your integration by clicking on remove button

Convert first-time visitors to Lead/Contact

As mentioned above, new WATI contacts will be imported into Zoho when added via the contacts page (manually or imported a file) or imported contact file when sending Brooadcast.

  1. Let's convert first-time visitors to Contacts. Select the appropriate setting
  2. Go to Contacts page in WATI and click on "Add Contact" button
  3. Fill Name and Phone number and click on "Save" button
  4. Go to Contacts in Zoho to make sure if created contact was successfully added

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