How to setup auto recharge for broadcast credit?

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Sometimes, you will feel it's a bit inconvenience that during broadcast sending, your credit balance runs out and some message cannot be sent.

We have an auto-recharge features that will add more credit to your balance when the credit falls below a number.

The feature available when click "Buy Credits" button from "Broadcast History" menu or "Scheduled Broadcasts" menu.

We just need to do some simple setup:

  1. Click Configure Auto Recharge text
  2. Tick the Auto Recharge (to enable the rule)
  3. Fill Recharge Amount (the amount that will be added)
  4. Fill the value for condition "When Balance Falls Below"
  5. Click "Save" button

Take above setup as an example, when balance falls below $1, there will have an alert email on low balance.

After that the credit is recharged successfully and you will receive an email like below:

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