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What features are available in advance chatbot builder

Advanced Chatbot Builder are available in the Pro & Business Plan only. Read more about our plans

In Advanced Chatbot-builder, you can add and monitor up to 25 chatbots (instead of 10 in our standard plan).

You can integrate with Google Sheets to send or collect data from your customers through automation.

In advance chatbot builder, we also have below features:

  1. Subscribe and Unsubscribe: This action will update the contact to be able to receive the broadcast messages from WATI or not. For more detail, users can visit here: Advance chatbot builder: Setup Subscribe or Unsubscribe
  2. Update Attribute: This action will update the contact's attributes to monitor the contact's detailed information later. Please check out detail here: Advance chatbot builder: Update Attribute
  3. Assign Agent and Assign Team: This will assign the current ticket to the selected agent, the selected team(s). For more detail, Advance chatbot builder: Setup Assign Agent / Assign Team
  4. Webhook: This allows users to involve the webhook in the current chatbot. Visit here for more detail: Advance chatbot builder: Webhook
  5. Template: This allows users to send a template message as a step in a chatbot. Visit here for more detail: Advance chatbot builder: Template
  6. Update Chat Status: This allows users to change the status of the chat. (eg. Solved, Pending, Closed and more)
  7. Trigger Chatbot: This allows users to trigger a new chatbot within the chatbot being executed.
  8. Set Tags: This allows users to set tags for the current chat, which can be seen from the Team Inbox as well.
  9. Time Delay: This allows users to set a time delay in between the chatbot or in between two nodes, the time delay can last from 1 second to 10 minutes.

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