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What is Keyword Action?

Keyword Action is a WATI Automation Feature that lets you create keyword rules.

Once set up, your customers will get an auto-reply when it matches Keywords, or under Default Action. This reduces manpower need and can support customers faster and better.

A keyword can have three message matching methods types:

  • Exact Matching: requires 100% match 
  • Fuzzy Matching: you can set the percentage to match 
  • Contains Matching: if the customer's message contains the specific keyword or specific phrase
  1. Exact Matching does exact keyword matching and then executes a rule.
  2. Fuzzy Matching looks for keywords within the customer's message to execute a keyword rule (in the percentage you set)
  3. Contains Matching looks for the specific keyword or phrase within the entire customer's message, without the need to set a matching percentage. Useful when the message can be long and you want to target a specific keyword within the long customer message

Keyword Action allows us to link a reply material with a Keyword Rule, so that when a customer asking any question that matches (100%), matches XX% pre-defined with the keyword, or the message contains a keyword, the Bot will reply accordingly. 

For example, we can create the keyword "Tell me about your company information?", with the reply being our company's information.

  • If we use Exact matching, when a customer asking "your company information?", the bot will not reply anything. When the customer asks the full phrase: "Tell me about your company information?", the bot will reply accordingly:
  • For routing actions (assign to operator and assign to team), they only work with Fuzzy matching and Exact matching.

  • If we use Fuzzy matching and with default percentage = 80%, when a customer asks "your company information?", the bot will reply accordingly.

  • If we use Contains matching, when a customer asks a long question that contains our keyword phrase "your company", the bot will reply accordingly.

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