Google Calendar Integration

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WATI can be integrated with Google Calendar to:

  • Send a booking confirmation in WhatsApp when someone set's up a meeting with you
  • Send them reminders in WhatsApp about the upcoming meeting
This integration is set up via Pabbly Connect (both free or professional versions can be used)
Similar steps can be followed to set this up via Zapier


  • Create a template message for booking confirmation/reminders
The event created on your calendar must contain the attendee's phone number (preferably in the description)
  1. Create a new workflow in Pabbly Connect (
  2. For Step 1: Choose Google Calendar
  3. Choose "New Event" as the trigger event and connect with your Gmail account
  4. Set up a test meeting with your email account and check if the meeting information is captured in Pabbly.
    Make sure the attendee's phone number is also captured (preferably in the Description)
  5. For Step 2, we are going to extract the attendee's phone number from the description. This is the number we will be sending the WhatsApp message to.
    Choose App "Text Formatter by Pabbly". Action Event: Text Parser
    Mention the text that's before and after the phone number. The text parser extracts the number between them.
  6. In Step 3, we will trigger the confirmation message to the phone number extracted in Step 2
    Choose App: WATI. Action Event: Send Template Message.
    Connect with your WATI Account (You will have the enter the API Endpoint and Access Token)
    Map the phone number from Step 2 in the Phone Number field
    Choose the template message under the template dropdown
    If you have any variables in the template message, their values must be mapped as shown in the Custom Params.
    Click Save and Send test request to trigger a message to the phone number and verify the setup is working.
  7. In Step 4, we will determine the time (days/hours/mins before the event) at which the reminder must go out.
    Choose App: Date/Time Formatter by Pabbly. Action Event: Add/Subtract Time
    Map the start time of the event into the Enter Date field
    Set the expression to how much time earlier or after the event, you want to send a message
    Choose the From and To formats as shown below:
  8. In Step 5, we convert the output of Step 4 into a format that's consumable by Pabbly's delay feature
    Choose App: Date/Time Formatter by Pabbly. Action Event: Format date Only
    Choose From format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ssZ
    Choose To format YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss
  9. In Step 6, Choose App: Delay by Pabbly. Action Event: Delay Until
    Map the output of Step 5 into the Delay Date field
  10. In Step 7, before we send the event reminder we want to check if the event still exists or has been canceled in the meantime. So we get the event information from Google calendar.
    Choose App: Google Calendar. Action Event: Get Event
    Map the Id value from Step 1 to the Event field and click the Save & Test Request Button
  11. In Step 8, we check if the event to see if it still exists.
    Choose App: Filter by Pabbly. Map value of Status from Step 7, set Filter Type as Equal to and value as confirmed.
    If the event is still on, the result would be a success and the workflow progresses to the next step.
  12. In Step 9, We trigger a WhatsApp message via WATI similar to Step 3

In the 9 Pabbly Steps:

1 to 3 are for sending a confirmation message as soon as the event is set up.

4 to 6 are for setting up the time when we want to send the message

7 to 9 are for checking if the event still exists after the delay time has passed and then sending the reminder message

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