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Setting working hours

Setting your working hours.

Setting your working hours is very important as you do not want your clients to be waiting for your reply when you are off your table, or you do not want your chat to stay blank from your side.

WATI powers this automation feature where you can set your working hours and also trigger replies to users according to certain situations.

This support article will walk you through the exact and correct way on using this feature.

Where can you find this?

Go to your WATI Team Inbox and navigate to Automation.

After clicking on Automation you have to click on "Default Action".

Then you would see a green button that says "SET WORKING HOURS".

You can then click that, and you would see something like this.

This is a pop up where you can set your office hours and tell WATI when you would be available to take tickets.

Features Of Working Hours

  1. The first thing you can see in that pop up is Holiday Mode

Now, if you check the holiday mode box, it means that you are unavailable till the time you uncheck it or which means you are basically on holiday.

WATI will send the message which is set with the out of office reply. As that is the ideal situation.

So if you have set holiday mode, you will be shown as unavailable to your clients by replying with an out of office reply that you can set here:

You could also know more about setting replies by reading this.

  1. Next is the Working Hours

Before you set the working hours you should set your timezone for your WATI Account.

To set your timezone you may read this.

In this section, you can set your working hours for specific days.

It can have multiple sections and you can add more too.

You can add more sections by clicking on this green button that says "ADD NEW".

Section Details

For every row/section you can choose the days of the week you want to set your hours for and also select the time you want to.

For the days, you can either choose multiple days or a single day of the week. As shown in the above example too.

For the time, it is in 24-hour format and you could set time from 00:00 to 23:59. There are common mistakes like users setting their working hours from 09:00 to 09:00 which is not logically possible. Instead, it should be 09:00 to 08:59 as then the whole time frame would be covered.

This is all you need to know about setting your working hours.


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