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Mobile version 2.8.0 - Released on 8th Apr 2022

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WATI Mobile Enhancements

  • Default Automation: From the previous Mobile version, we have added several preview pages for features that are not available to use in the mobile app. The "Contact" menu is the most clicked, followed by "Automation". In version 2.8.0, we enhance to allow users accessing the Automation module to view detail settings and also can turn on/turn off settings, and add new auto-reply material. Please notice that the design doesn’t have any “Select material” dropdown as we have on the web, every time when the user turns on or edits an auto-reply, a new material will be created. Following is how the Automation module displays on mobile:
  • Broadcast list: When a user clicks on Broadcast in the left-hand side menu, mobile will show the list of Broadcast with the default filter is the last 7 days. User will be able to:

- search/sort/filter by Broadcast status

- Click on each Broadcast to view detail about Broadcast Name, Scheduled send time, Template Message, Status, Statistics, and select Contacts.

- For Pending Broadcast, you can choose to Edit or Delete it.

In case there is no Broadcast in the list without any search/filter, mobile will display the existing Broadcast tutorial page.

  • Enhancement about permission to view mobile menu based on each user role. If the user has an Operator role, he will only view the following menu: Chat, Quick Replies, Notification, and Settings. If the user has role External Admin, Internal Admin, and Trial then they can view all.
  • Facebook SDK version is upgraded.

WATI Mobile Bugs fixes

  • Fix the crash issue on the layout of the Quick Reply Item.
  • Fix the issue that the Template message status is still Pending while WhatsApp already received it.
  • Fix issue Conversation is not cleared from the Solved list when changing the status from Solved to Blocked.
  • Fix the layout issue of Quick Reply on the Preview page of Android mobile.
  • Fix the issue while mobile did not support the custom parameters on the template header.

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