Messaging limit for Click-to-WhatsApp Ads (CTWA)

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After March 1st 2023, Meta has released an update on how conversations will be priced for your 'Click-to-WhatsApp-Ads' or 'Call-To-Action-Buttons'.

What will CHANGE

  • If a user initiates a conversation using the call-to-action-button on "Click to Whatsapp Ads", the initiated conversation will be free of charge for the first 72 hours.
  • This means that you will be able to communicate with your users for the first 72 hours free of charge.


  • Subsequent conversations with the same user after 72 hours will be charged as per the conversation based pricing model. Conversation Pricing Model
  • The conversation that initiates from the CTWA Ad is free, but the Ad itself isn't free
  • If you're using a Chatbot to reply to messages, chatbot Sessions will still be counted for all chatbot sessions triggered from CTWA messages

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