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How to trigger a chatbot with template?

With quick reply buttons on template, further actions can be done automatically when the button on the template is clicked, for example, assigning chat to different teams, gathering information from customers in a chatbot.

In this article, we will show you how to do it.

  1. Create a template message with button:

Create a new template and fill in all the required fields, then create a button by selecting "Quick reply"

Put the keyword you want to trigger a chatbot as the text of the button, eg. Test.

Submit the template when it is done.

  1. Set the chatbot:

You can use an existing chatbot or build a new one with the functions available in chatbot, eg. buttons, questions, assign to team/agent, webhook, etc.

  1. Add keyword action in automation:

When the chatbot is ready, create a new keyword action, eg. test (Exact matching)

Keyword is not case sensitive

Select the reply material, eg. New WhatsApp Chatbot.

You can select other reply materials if chatbot is not needed, such as text, image or video.

Save the keyword action.

  1. Send the approved template:

Send out the template and the chatbot will be triggered and proceeded accordingly after the button is clicked when the chat is assigned to bot.

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