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Zapier Native Integration

If you have a WhatsApp API approved account with WATI, you can send notifications from Zapier Using our native app. App Link:

This app is easy to use and accepts 3 parameters -

  • template_name
  • broadcast_name
  • parameters

Let's get started with creating a zap.

Step 1: Go to WATI integration page on Zapier (

Step 2: Choose an app that you would like to make a zap out of this, for this example - Google Sheets.

Step 3: Choose your trigger and action. For this example, my trigger is a New spreadsheet row and the action is, Send a template message through the WATI.

Step 4: Click on the button that says "Connect WATI + Google Sheets"

Step 5: For the Trigger, press the button Continue to set the trigger event.

Step 6: Choose/Authenticate an account for your google sheets.

Step 7: After Choosing and Authenticating your account press the blue Continue button to move on to the next step.

Step 8: You have to set up the trigger now, choose your spreadsheet and specific worksheet.

Step 9: Press Continue

Step 10: Test Your Trigger

Step 11: If successful, click the continue button.

Step 12: Set the environment of your action. In this case, I am sending a template message.

Step 13: Choose/Authenticate your account by pressing "Connect a new account"

Step 14: After you press that button, a pop will show up. That pop-up will ask for your WATI endpoint and access key. You can find that in your WATI Account -> API Docs, and then fill everything in the popup.

Step 15: Then press continue in the popup and also in the Zapier set up a page to proceed to the next step

Step 16: Fill in everything for the action as it says there.

Step 17: Press Continue

Step 18: Press Test & Continue

Step 19: If the test is successful, the following custom template message will be sent.

Step 20: Now for this Zap to work every time you add a new row, click 'Turn on zap'.

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