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Tips to send personalized media content broadcast to each number

This is very useful if you want to send personalized QR codes images for each contact in the same broadcast.

When creating a rich template message, you can use WATI to personalize the URL, so that each client will receive different media, and you can send it in 1 go. 

Once you select the rich template message, the below screen will be displayed

  • Tick "Use custom media header"
  • From "Enter Url", input the parameter for the URL. It can be any parameter name eg "qr_url". So we need to fill: {{qr_url}}
  • Update each contact to have this {{qr_url}} parameter with a different URL, from the Contacts screen. Or we can update in a batch, by using the 'import' excel file when clicking [Next] from the above screen.

Below is the content of a sample excel import, the "qr_url" is a column in the file with a different link for each number.

The message each customer received will have a different photo like the below sample.

Still need help? Watch our demo video to get a step-by-step guide.

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