How to enable checkout flow for Shopify catalog orders

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Enable a checkout flow as shown below for your Whatsapp catalog orders where your end users can complete the checkout from your Shopify checkout page.

Step 1: Visit the catalog setup page by clicking the option "Commerce" from the top menu or by clicking the option "Catalog" from the Wati Shopify app

Step 2: Create a catalog by syncing your Shopify store and complete the other 3 steps in enabling the catalog feature for your Whatsapp business number

*Check this article on how you can enable the Catalog feature for your Whatsapp business number

How to enable Catalog feature for your Wati WhatsApp API number - WATI Knowledge Base

*Video on how to sync Shopify store to create catalog

How to create Catalogs via Shopify.

By default the catalog name will be "Shopify Product Catalog" - make sure you continue with the default catalog name.

Step 3: Once the catalog is connected with Wati you will find the setting section on the left menu. Click on it and enable the checkout flow.

FYI: The option to change checkout flow template message as well as to add tags to catalog orders are also provided

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Mandatory fields & specifications required to be added to product items when creating catalog