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How to add team and assign operator to team?

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1 . Why need to have teams?

The "team" in WATI is to divide operators into different smaller teams. And base on the permission rule, operators who belong to the same team can see each other's tickets and vice versa if the operator doesn't belong to the team, he/she cannot see the ticket of the team.

To check which team can see the current ticket, you can click the "team" button on each ticket

2. How to add a team?

To add a team, the user needs to access the "Operator Management" screen --> "Team" tab.

Then click the "Add team" button.

A popup will be displayed, allows users to fill in "Team Name" and select to check at "Default Team".

After that, please click on the "Add New Team" button.


  • There is only 1 team that can be checked as "Default Team"
  • The Default Team can see all messages
  • If the team is selected as "Default Team", once the customer starts chatting without any keyword routing to any team, it will be assigned to this Default Team.
  • The non-default team(s) can see only messages assigned to their team

3. How to add operators to the team(s) or assign an operator to the team(s)?

  1. To add operators to the teams:

Firstly we access the "Operator Management" screen --> "Team" tab. Then we need to click the three dots button in the right corner of each team and click "Edit Team".

Then a new popup will be displayed. Users can edit "Team Name", tick or untick at "Default Team".

Moreover, users can also add one or many operators to the current team.

After that, please click "Save Changes" for the new changes to be applied.

  1. To assign operators to the team(s):

    We need to access the "Operator Management" screen. Then in the "Operators" tab, click to edit an operator.

Then type or select the team in the drop-down list and click "Save Changes" to apply the changes.

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