How to make a Backward Chatbot?

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How to prevent a chatbot from stopping when the user clicks on a previous message

Meaning and uses

Whenever we create chatbots with multiple options to select by using "Buttons" or "List", sometimes users select more than one option and eventually, the chatbot stops.

To solve this we can use the default option available in the buttons to call the previous response of the chatbot.

Step 1

Create a question with a List of Buttons:

Step 2

Create the next step in form of a List or Buttons and save it in a variable (Example - @ans2)

Step 3

Now connect the responses as per the need and connect the default action to a condition to check for the previous responses:

You use DEFAULT and check using conditions - if the text matches a previous step -> go to that step.

Step 4

Now connect the condition to the previous question.

This will trigger the chatbot even if user select the previous replies to the first question after step 2.

This way we can continue adding conditions as we move forward in the chatbot and prevent the chatbot from stopping.

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