How to appeal to facebook if Business actually follows WhatsApp Commerce policies?

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If a business believes it is actually compliant with WhatsApp policies, it can appeal the violation by requesting a review. When a business appeals a violation, the WhatsApp team reviews the case against the violation appealed to come up with a decision if the violation needs to be reconsidered. This review may result in WhatsApp reversing the violation.

This is how you request a decision review:

  1. From the Business Support Home page, click on the relevant WhatsApp Business Account.
  2. Choose from the list of violations and click Request Review.
  3. A new dialog opens in Business Manager. Enter supporting details and click Submit.
  4. After submission, the request and the issue are moved to the In Review tab.
  5. The appeal review decision will be sent via Business Manager and typically takes 24 to 48 hours. The appealed violation will either remain Unchanged, or be set as Reversed.

Preventing Future Violations

  • Read the Commerce and Business Policies and review this article that answers frequently asked questions about these policies.
  • Subscribe to the account_update web-hooks to receive real-time notifications whenever a Business Account has violated a policy, and when applicable, messaging restriction type and duration.
  • Adjust behaviour on the platform quickly to avoid additional warnings and/or enforcement actions.

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