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Could I attach a PDF or image into a template message?

The answer is Yes!

With WATI template message, you can create template messages contain various types of media including Image (jpeg, png); Video (mp4); Document (pdf)

Steps by steps guide are as follow:

  1. Upload media into a host. Note:  the best is to upload to the user's own paid host otherwise media files are big, it's very expensive to host them and they can be deleted from the free host anytime!
  2. Access WATI --> Broadcast --> Template messages.
  3. Click to create template message by button [+ New Template Message]
  4. Select Header = Media type, choose type = Document, fill in the URL of the file as in step 1.

  1. Fill in other information, you can also find the detailed steps to create a template message in: How do I create a template message
  2. Follow steps to click "Save as Draft", then Submit the template, wait for it's to be approved, and hooray! You can send this template message to the customer later.

Sending Dynamic images or videos or documents from template messages

If you'd like to send dynamic media files from template messages, you can add variables in the template header field.

For example, you can add a {{pdfLink}} in the header field and pass "pdfLink" as a parameter in the /sendTemplateMessage API.

The body of the parameters should look like the below(you need to adjust the parameters based on the parameters added in the template):

parameters: [
{"name": "name", "value": "wati"},
{"name": "pdfLink", "value": ""}

To know more about the /sendTemplateMessage API usage, please refer to this guide -

Watch this detailed tutorial for the following here:

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