How to use Fallback Message

Fallback message is a feature implemented into Wati to help our clients with chatbots, it's used when the chatbot has one of the specific nodes:

  • Question node, if answers were set up in the node (not an open question)
  • Buttons node
  • List node
  • Template node (if the template in question has more than one button, so the buttons are effectively taken for the allowed responses to this node)

So if the end-user in his response doesn't hit any of the acceptable answers, the fallback message will be displayed giving a number of tries to the receiver to answer in the acceptable ways and to chatbot to continue.

So how does one can set up a fallback message?

  1. Go to the Automation section of WATI
  1. Select Chatbots in the menu on the left
  1. Click "Fallback Message" button

One will see "Fallback Message" window displayed like that:

Here one can both redact the message, that the user will see in case he gives answers that are not in one of the node settings and establish a number of tries that this message will be sent to the user before the chatbot will end.

Suppose the user didn't respond in one of the options in the node after the last time the fallback message was sent, chatbot will be interrupted and should be restarted by the operator manually or through keyword by the receiver.

How does this work?

In this example first time the receiver put out a wrong answer (which wasn't in the list node in the respective chatbot), fo he gets fallback message and a list node again, he chose correct answer, and the chatbot continued.

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