What are actions in Template Messages Page?

The Template Messages Page contains the data fields and UI controls as follows:

  • Template Name
  • Category
  • Status (Draft, Pending, Approved, Rejected, Deleted and Pending Internal)
  • Language
  • Last Updated Date
  • View/Edit/Submit/Delete/Copy buttons
1. Detail actions in Template Messages:
From Template Message screen, click the "New Template Message", it will open a "Create Template" popup.

The detail actions in this summary screen (below screenshot) are:

1.1 Edit button: when you create a template but hasn't finished yet and would like to save, you can click "Save as Draft",  the template will have status "DRAFT". Later you can click this edit button to resume editing template.


1.2 Submit button: when you finish creating template,  you can click "Save as Draft", then back to this screen to click "Submit" button to submit for approval.


- If user use a trial account to create template, upon submit, it will have status "PENDING_INTERNAL". This template will need addition approval from admin account. Once admin approve the template, the status change to "PENDING" and it will go directly to Facebook and wait for their approval.

- If user use non-trial account to create template, upon submit, it will have status "PENDING" and go straight to Facebook approval.

1.3 Copy template button: User can click this button from an existing template to copy it to new template. User need to fill template name and/or modify content if need. The process of submitting, approving this template will be same as normal.

1.4 Delete template button: User can click to delete the template. The template will have status "DELETED". For draft/pending template, it means this template cannot be sent to approve anymore. For approved template, it means this template cannot be used in current WATI system in any other places.

1.5 View template button: Click this button to see detail template content.

1.6 Filter template by template status: Including: Draft, Pending, Approved, Rejected, Deleted, Pending_internal.

If after reviewing, FB approved the template, it will have status "APPROVED", otherwise it will have status "REJECTED.

1.7 Sort template: Sort by Latest or Oldest.


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