How can I send catalog messages?

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What is it?

Wati now supports Catalog templates! Which means you can directly send your catalog to your customers via a template. Great for letting them know about new items or if you just want to reach new customers.

If you don't see this - we're working on rolling this feature out; so you might see it in the next few weeks

How can I do this?

  1. Make sure your catalog account is connected (go to the Commerce option in the navigation) and follow the steps there
  2. When your account is connected; you'll be able to create the template by clicking the "create template" button OR via our templates page by clicking "new template message"
  1. Choose the category "Marketing", then select "catalog"

If you don't see an image updated; click on the "sync catalog" button

  1. Click submit for template approval, once approved - you're ready to send your catalog template!

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