How to enable Auto Checkout and collect payment for my Catalog order?

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This feature is currently in Private Beta for India, contact us if you want to give it a try.

Have you been getting Catalog orders from your customers, but have no easy way to collect address info and payment from them? Are you frustrated with customers dropping off from your payment link redirects or QR codes?

Auto checkout provides a smooth checkout process for your Catalog customers - collect address and payment from customers in-app. Yes, your customers can pay through a variety of payment methods: UPI, credit cards, etc. all within their WhatsApp app.

Let's get started!

How does Auto checkout work?

With a few simple clicks, you can enable Auto checkout in Wati, any Catalog order you receive from your customers will automatically trigger a sequence of messages - an address collection message and a payment collection message. Your customers can reply to these messages at their convenience, not limited to any time frame!

And you can track all address and payment status information through your Wati Orders page.

How to set up Auto checkout and your Direct Pay Method Name?

Prerequisite - During Private Beta, we will activate this feature on a case by case basis.
  1. From your Wati account, click "More" from the top navigation bar and go to "Commerce". Find the "Checkout" tab on the left. If you don't see a Checkout tab, please contact us at so we can enable this feature for you.
  2. Toggle "Enable Auto Checkout" to create Create your address message body text, which will be sent to your Catalog customers as a greeting. You don't need to set up the address form, this is done automatically in the WhatsApp app. Next up, let's connect your payment gateway with WhatsApp.
How to create your WhatsApp Direct Pay Method Name?
  1. In your Wati Checkout page, toggle "WhatsApp Pay" to create a WhatsApp Direct Pay Method Name. This is for connecting your payment gateway account with WhatsApp, ie where your customers will send money to. Click on "Go To Your WhatsApp Manager" and login to your WhatsApp Manager as the admin.
  2. Click "Add Direct Pay Method" and fill in the details with your WABA ID, a method name of your choice and the relevant industry/purpose codes for your business. Then click "Next"
  3. Select "Payment gateway" and choose the gateway you want to connect. Then click "Next"
  4. Type in your FB account password to confirm.
  5. You will be then redirected to your payment gateway website to login, and confirm connecting with WhatsApp. You have successfully connected your payment gateway account with WhatsApp!
  6. Now, you can return to the "Checkout" page in your Wati. Copy and Paste the WhatsApp Direct Pay Method Name you have just created.
  7. Customize your payment message body text, and click "Save".
  8. Finally, from your personal WhatsApp, open up the chat with your business number and place a Catalog order to test out your Auto checkout experience! Also, you can check the Orders page to see your past orders.

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