Troubleshoot common errors in WATI

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Error messages in broadcasts or template messages

You might come across errors from time to time when trying to send messages in WATI. Here are some examples of the error messages you can get and clues to help you troubleshoot the issue.

"Message failed to send because there are restrictions on how many messages can be sent from this phone number. This may be because too many previous messages were blocked or flagged as spam."
"Message failed to send because there were too many messages sent from this phone number in a short period of time"
  • Have you completed your business verification?
  • Are you placed in the sandbox messaging tier by WhatsApp? Click here to read more about sandbox mode.
  • Has your new display name just been approved? In that case, contact and we will register your certificate for you.
  • If you are broadcasting to a large audience, have you reached your 24hour messaging limit set by WhatsApp? (1k/10k/100k contacts per 24 hours).
  • Low-Quality Message which results in getting blocked by WhatsApp (Rare Scenario)
"The Parameter value is not valid! This template only supports parameters in the body component"
  • You can directly contact WATI Support at, provide a screenshot and mention the template name you are having issues with.
"Message failed to send because there were one or more errors related to your payment method"
  • Email us at and we will be able to resolve the payment method issue for you.
"This phone number has reached its 24-hour messaging limit and can no longer send messages to customers. Please wait until the message limit is reset to send messages"
  • There is no immediate solution to this error. This means the number of contacts you have sent message to has exceeded your message limitation set by WhatsApp (ie 1k/10k/100k contacts per 24hour). Once the 24-hour window has refreshed, you will be able to continue to send messages. Your tier will also be upgraded automatically by WhatsApp over time as you send more messages.
"Template name does not exist"
  • If sending through API, check if there are typos in the template name.
  • WhatsApp might have disabled this template due to its low-quality rating and it won't be available for use. You can resubmit the content as a new template and see if WhatsApp approves it. Once it is approved, you will be able to use it again.
  • Template might have been deleted through your WhatsApp Manager in your Facebook Business Account. If you are a WATI CRM user, manage your templates through your WATI interface instead.
  • Newly approved templates do not show up in Facebook Immediately, so you need to give it 15 minutes of time and then try again.
"Not enough required request Parameters to send template XYZ"
  • If sending message through API, check your API request to make sure all the parameters and corresponding values of the template are sent. Template cannot have blank parameters. Usually there might be typos in the parameter names in the API request.
"System overloaded due to job queue size"
  • As this is a system issue so you will have to reach out to WATI Support at
"(#200) Permissions Error"
  • Have you completed your business verification?
  • As this is a system issue so you will have to reach out to WATI Support at

If you cannot find the error message you see here, please contact us at Remember to provide a screenshot and the name of the template you are having issues with. Thank you!

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