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Setting up Filters in Rules

When you create a new Rule, you might want to add various conditions to the Rule. To achieve this, you can add Filters to your Rule.

We support filtering based on contact attributes currently, and will be adding other types of Filters soon, such as chat status, Tags etc. Let us know what Filters you need here!
How to add one condition

Select an attribute your want to filter against, and the target value you want to use. In the example below, we selected an attribute called source_url and want to match when the attribute value contains the text "sample.com".

How to add multiple AND conditions

If you want to have multiple AND conditions, you can just click "and" then select the additional attribute you want to filter against.

In this example, we include an additional attribute vip_customer so that when the Rule triggers, we will only run the Action when both attributes match the conditions set.

How to add OR conditions

Continuing on our example, let's add an OR condition by clicking "Or"

Again, you can select the attribute and the value you want to filter against. In our example, we are filtering base on 2 conditions: source_url OR shop_name

How to add multiple AND, OR conditions

If you want to add more complex conditions, you can do that by combining multiple condition groups. In the below example, we have 3 separate condition groups to filter against different attributes:

source_url AND vip_customer

OR shop_name

OR address

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