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Mobile version 2.3.0 - Released on 20th Jan 2022

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WATI Mobile Enhancements

  • Along with WATI web which already released introduction of Credit Balance Indicator, WATI Mobile also enhance to help mobile user can see Free Conversation and Credit Balance as below:

When Credit Balance is lower than $10 or account is suspended, the following error bar will be shown at the top of screen no matter which page the user is currently at:

Action to by more credits will be proceed in WATI web.

  • Allow free trial user send broadcast message to 3 contacts: click to chat button at the bottom right corner:
  • Display domain URL that user logged in currently in setting page:
  • A minor change about the order of left hand side menu.

WATI Mobile Bug fixes

  • Fix issue in Android which user can not make the video full screen and does not have Pause button.
  • Fix issue about the first video/document is sent twice in case of sending multiple videos/documents.
  • Fix issue about wrong URL when user click "Go to Website" button.
  • Fix issue which message is not cleared from send message box after sending.

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