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Why Google Sheet Automation is not working?

After configuring Google Sheet automation, you may have run into cases where your message does not trigger.  In this article, we will cover the most common scenarios.

Why Google Sheet Automation is not working?

The endpoint is not set and saved correctly.
  • The best practice is to test to check if it is successful before saving the endpoint and token.
Formula is used in cells.
  • The Sheet Automation will not be triggered if formula is used in cells.
Message will be triggered later if the new row is added automatically, such as the chatbot builder, google form. This is a Google limitation, the rule will be triggered up to 1 hour later.
Conditions and values in Sheet Automation are not set properly.
  • If the cell in the Action section is not fixed, a format like {column_A} is required in order to successfully trigger the message. For example, using "Column is updated" or "Row is updated", a format like {column_A} or {column_B} should be used in Action section.
Conditions in Sheet Automation are not fulfilled
  • For example, if there are two parameters set in Sheet Automation (columns D and E), please make sure all of them do not have empty cells. The message cannot be triggered if one of them is empty.
Insufficient amount of credits
Rows are deleted and added back
  • The Sheet Automation counts the number of existing rows when the Sheet Automation window is open. If rows are deleted in the sheet, please open the Sheet Automation window again in order to refresh the row count first before adding new rows.
  • Sheet Automation window
Only the owner of the google sheet can trigger the Sheet Automation
  • Only changes made by the owner of the google sheet can trigger the Sheet Automation.

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