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Sending Messages Using Zapier

To send messages using Zapier you will have to need:

  • Zapier Account
  • Endpoints to send WhatsApp Message

Note: You must be approved to use WhatsApp Business API and you can apply for the same through a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider such as

Step By Step

  1.  On your Zapier account ‘Zap’ page, click on ‘Create Zap’

  1. Choose your trigger app and event
  1.  Under ‘Do this’, choose ‘Webhooks by Zapier’

  1. Under ‘Choose Action Events’, select ‘POST’

  1. Customize your request

The URL can be fetched from your WATI account under the ‘API Docs’ section.

Please remember to structure the URL as follows:

  • API URL followed by /api/v1/sendTemplateMessage/{{phone_number_with_country_code}}

API URL will be available on the WATI Dashboard under “API Docs”

Choose payload type as JSON

Add the below params in Data

  • template_name
  • broadcast_name
  • parameters
  1. Add ‘Authorization’ under Headers

The Bearer token will be found under ‘API Docs’ on your WATI Dashboard.

  1. Test your Zap and turn it on
    You can even use the above steps to send a WhatsApp Message using any other WhatsApp API Provider.


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