What are sets & How to create sets in your catalog

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Sets can be referred to as a group of “Collections” of your product items in the catalog. By creating sets in your catalog it can make it easier for your customers to find your products in the catalog. 

Once you have enabled the Catalog feature for your WATI number by completing the Steps mentioned in the catalog setup page. 

The Sets created in your catalog will get shown in the “Reply action” area & in the "Keyword action" area while setting up Keyword as shown below 

The created Sets will also be made available in the Chatbot builder section to be sent as catalog messages. All you need to do is visit the chatbot builder area and select the node “Sets” from the left menu. 

Once the Sets node is selected, double click on the node and choose the set which you would like to send as a catalog message.


  1. By default when a Catalog is created a set named “All Products” gets created which will contain all product items in your catalog. 
  2. When a Set is sent as a catalog message only 30 items in the Set will get displayed to the customer. 

How to create a set in your catalog 

Step 1: Go to your Facebook commerce manager and choose the created Catalog

Step 2: From the left menu select the option “Sets”

Step 3:  Next on the top right corner select the button “Create Set” and once selected you get the option to create Sets by Using filters or Manually selecting items. Can choose any of the option suited for you

Step 4: If “Manually selecting items” option is chosen then the following screen is shown and you can create a set by giving the set a name and choosing the items you would like to include in the set and then hit the button “create”

Step 5: Once the above step is done the created new set will get displayed here 

Video: How to create sets in Catalog 

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