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Phone Number Connection Status

We have stopped using for contacting customer support. Please email us at for any support/technical queries or at for any billing issues.

Your WhatsApp Phone Number may be in one of the below statuses -

  • Connected
  • Flagged
  • Offline
  • Pending
  • Restricted

  • Flagged: This status occurs when the quality rating reaches a low state. Businesses can't upgrade messaging limit tiers during the Flagged phase. If the message quality improves to a high or medium state by the seventh day from when your status was moved to Flagged, the status will return to Connected. If the quality rating doesn't improve, your status will still return to Connected, but you'll be placed in a lower messaging limit tier.
  • Restricted: This status occurs when you reach your messaging limit. During a Restricted phase, you can't send any notification messages until the 24-hour window is reset. You can still respond to any messages that customers initiate.
  • Connected: This means the number is connected and working normally. It can send and receive messages
  • Pending: This means it's pending connection
  • Offline: Your number is offline and cannot send/receive messages. In this situation, you must contact WATI Support team on

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