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Where can I see Broadcast Statistics?

If you don't see the features below, you might be using our old plans - upgrade for access to these

Click to "Broadcast" on the top navigation, then click on "Broadcast analytics"

Click the "View insights" button to view broadcast results in detail:

Specified broadcast statistics will be displayed:

*Please note that the responses breakdown & additional retargeting requires an upgrade to our Pro or Business plans

Our retargeting feature allows you to retarget based on the response:

Growth options

Pro + Business options


Everything in Growth (read, replied, ignored)


Read only (didn't reply)


Replied with a specific quick reply

Click "Export to CSV" button to export Broadcast statistics to the CSV file, you will see a list of your contacts with the status of last response

If you have any failed broadcasts, it will be indicated in the csv sheet.

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How can I search and filter Broadcasts?

What is a Broadcast History?