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How to search and filter chats?

Filter chats in your Team Inbox on the following criteria:

  • All chats - shows all contacts.
  • Active chats - shows new/open/pending conversations.
  • Broadcasts - shows all conversations with at least 1 broadcast sent at any time
    (sending template by the operator is equal to broadcast with 1 recipient).
  • Unassigned - shows all contacts that have not been assigned to any operators.
  • Unread - shows conversations that have unread messages.
  • Last 24 Hours - shows all conversations that were active in the last 24 hours.
  • Assigned to me - shows all contacts assigned to the logged-in operator.
  • Favorite only - shows all starred contacts, marked as "favorite".
  • New - shows a conversation with the "New" status.
  • Open - shows active conversations with "Open" status.
  • Pending - shows active conversations with "Pending" status.
  • Solved - shows active conversations with "Solved" status.
  • Expired - shows expired conversations.
  • Blocked chats - shows conversations that were blocked.

The search could also be used to find conversations by:

  • All - any kind of references: among messages, contact names, or phones.
  • Phone or Name - only if searched keywords or numbers are used in the contact's name or phone.
  • Messages - if the keyword was referenced in messages.

Filters can also be utilized to find conversations by:

  • Attributes - filtering by conversations that have input values in their attributes (status, allowbroadcast, allowsms, name, phone).
  • Attribute: Custom - filtering by conversations with contacts that have selected custom attribute (multiple options beyond exist available).
  • Assignee - filtering by operators assigned to conversations (might select multiple).
  • Status - filtering by the status of conversations.
  • Team - filtering by the team assigned to conversations (might select multiple).
  • Tag - filtering by a conversation with contacts that have selected tags (might select multiple).

To use it:

  1. Click the filter icon in the upper left panel of Team Inbox
  1. Click "Add new Segment +" button in the opened modal window
  1. Select the type of filter to be used:
  1. Click "Apply" button

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