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How to setup auto recharge for broadcast credit?

Sometimes, you will feel it's a bit inconvenience that during broadcast sending, your credit balance runs out and some message cannot be sent. We have an auto-recharge features that will add more cre…

Nhi Luong
Updated 4 months ago by Nhi Luong

How to add buttons to templates?

Creating call-to-action buttons in a template. WhatsApp allows us to create templates with Call-To-Actions (CTA) buttons. A maximum of 2 buttons can be created in a template and two types of action c…

Updated 1 week ago by Helpdesk

How do I check and add credit to send broadcast template message

In the Trial account , you can add credit to your account in order to send template messages via broadcast to your contacts. First, log in to your account. Go to " Broadcast " You will see your Messa…

Crystal Tai
Updated 9 months ago by Crystal Tai