Template Message

What are template formatting rules?

Must be text-based containing only letters, digits & special characters, emojis and WhatsApp-specific formatting (see formatting table below) Can't have more than 1024 characters.. Template Name. Wha…

Updated 1 week ago

What is the difference between template message and session message?

Customer Support Message/Session Message is the message that is sent when a customer starts a message first. Session is valid till 24 hours from customer's last message sent time. If a customer does…

Updated 1 week ago

What is the max numbers of template message submission?

WhatsApp supports up to 250 templates per account.

Updated 1 week ago

What is a template message?

Message Templates are message formats for common reusable messages a business may want to send. Businesses must use Message Templates for sending notifications to customers. This allows a business to…

Updated 1 week ago

Could I attach a PDF or image into a template message?

The answer is Yes! With WATI template message, you can create template messages contain various types of media including Image (jpeg, png); Video (mp4, 3gpp); Document (pdf) Steps by steps guide is a…

Updated 6 days ago