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How to submit template messages on WhatsApp Manager for WhatsApp API Gateway

Submit Template Messages Using WhatsApp Manager. WhatsApp Template Messages are used to send alerts, account updates, and other notifications to your customers. These template messages could contain…

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What are the supported languages for template update?

The following are the supported languages for Template Message: Language Code Afrikaans af Albanian sq Arabic ar Azerbaijani az Bengali bn Bulgarian bg Catalan ca Chinese (CHN) zh_CN Chinese (HKG) zh…

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How to avoid template message rejection?

Writing Template Messages. WhatsApp Template Messages are very important to show professionalism and to not write repeated messages over and over again. Template Messages look somewhat like this: Hav…

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What are the category values of Template Message?


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Template Message Guidelines

WhatsApp Template Message Guidelines. Template Message criteria from WhatsApp. Businesses can now send non-transactional messages outside the 24-hour window with user opt-in! Product recommendations,…

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How to export and import template messages from one environment to a new environment?

Sometimes you might want to export template messages from one environment for backup purposes or for migration purposes, we provide you "Export Template Message" and "Import Template Message" buttons…

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How to add buttons with template messages?

Buttons With Template Messages. Adding buttons with your template messages, just gives your message a whole new look and also makes it more attractive. In the above picture, you can see two buttons a…

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Updated 8 months ago by Prabhansh Jain

How do I create a Template Message?

You can use Template Messages to send personalized mass notifications to your users. Navigate to "Broadcast" > choose "Template Message" > Click "New Templates Message " to call up the Create Templat…

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Are non-transactional messages allowed with WhatsApp Business APIs?

WhatsApp is currently testing on allowing businesses to send non-transactional messages using the Official Business API. However, it is allowed in certain countries only - Indonesia. Mexico. Singapor…

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What are actions in Template Messages Page?

The Template Messages Page contains the data fields and UI controls as follows: Template Name. Category. Status (Draft, Pending, Approved, Rejected, Deleted and Pending Internal). Language. Last Upda…

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