Mobile Apps

Get your own WATI custom subdomain

If you are a WATI client, your subdomain is But, you can get this customized to your company's name: Kindly note that we do not support or abc.…

Updated 2 months ago

Do I have to pay additional to access WATI Mobile Apps?

There are no additional costs for using WATI Agent Mobile Apps. These are included in the monthly costs.

Updated 1 year ago

What features do WATI Mobile Apps have?

Here are some amazing WATI app features for agents that let you run your customer support on WhatsApp: 💬 Simple Interface with least training requirement 💬 Support for multiple customer support agent…

Updated 1 year ago

What does WATI Mobile App do?

WATI Mobile App is for agents to manage customer support and reply to customers on the go without having desktop access. Watch this video to have a preview of our mobile apps:. To download the mobile…

Updated 8 months ago