CTWA feature in WATI


The CTWA feature is an add-on to the regular plan and are charged separately

When users enabled the Pro & Enterprise subscription plan, and clicks a CTWA Ad and initiates a conversation from it.

It will show conversation with tag CTWA , and include two custom attributes named

  1. source_id - Facebook id for an Ad.
  2. source_url - The Ad url that leads to the Ad.

Source_id is getting from the facebook adsmanager here

And source_url - when user sent CTWA ad message to Whatsapp

As well as shown in the image below. In the Team inbox area need to show the whatsapp icon as pointed along with the customer name who has come via the CTWA Ad.

User can Click to (CTWA) option in the sort dropdown in Team Inbox area so that only the CTWA ad customers list will be displayed in Team Inbox.

Besides, User also be able to filter with the newly added custom attributes source_id & source_url in the Team Inbox area.

CTWA has many benefits such as free conversation window last 72 hours will be expanded only if source = CTWA (referral conversation) Info URL here and more information here



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