Mobile version 3.5.0 - Released on 18th Apr 2023

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WATI Mobile Enhancements

  • Introduce new behavior when new environment is provisioned but phone number is not yet connect:
    For Instant WATI Project, upon subscription payment is completed, a New WATI is provided immediately to customers.
    However, the embedded Sign-up is NOT Yet Started/Complete. Hence,
    - There is no Phone Number is connected
    - And Customers cannot send or receive messages.

Mobile has been designed to address above situation as below: New Message button and icon are not clickable

  • Support Product message in WATI Mobile App: User will be able to view Product messages in Team Inbox chat as following example:

WATI Mobile Bugs fixes

  • Fix the issue which Contact status is not hidden on Cloud api environment.
  • Fix the issue which Quick Replied is shown duplicated, search function doesnot work correctly.

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Mobile version 3.4.0 - Released on 17th Mar 2023