WhatsApp Pricing Update - New Conversation Categories

WhatsApp is changing their pricing model for WhatsApp Business API Accounts managed by Business Solution Providers (BSPs) such as WATI.

The pricing will take effect from June 1st, 2023

What are the changes?

  1. User-Initiated Conversations will be renamed to "Service Conversations"
  2. All templates will be classified into 3 different categories - Marketing, Authentication, Utility
    Each template will be charged separately. More details about the exact fees will be updated in due course.
    Existing templates will be automatically categorised into these new categories on April 1st, 2023.
  3. 1,000 Free Tier Conversations per month will only apply to "Service Conversations" (or User-Initiated Conversations). Template Conversations (or Business-Initiated Conversations) will not count in the Free Tier.
  4. New Template Messages sent in the same conversation window will initiate a new charge. Example - If a marketing conversation window is active and a template of "Utility" type is sent, there will be additional charge for "Utility" Conversation.

For more details, refer the notification from WhatsApp - https://developers.facebook.com/docs/whatsapp/updates-to-pricing/

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