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What are the costs of sending Business Initiated and User Initiated Conversations?

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Estimating the cost of Business Initiated and User Initiated Conversations

WhatsApp has switched from a notification message-based pricing model to a conversation-based pricing model, Click below to learn more:

Important things to remember:

  • Free 1000 conversations each month for all products and plans.
    This will be renewed every 1st month, regardless of the client’s renewal date
    Example: The client’s subscription will be renewed every 16th of each month. The free conversations will be always renewed on 1st date of each month.
A minimum 10 USD credit top-up is a must.
Check our Country Wise Rates here

What if my free 1000 convo has run out?

If you have exceeded the 1000 free conversations, you can top up your WATI account or there might be 2 possibilities:

You send more broadcasts:

You will be charged a Business-initiated rate per contact per 24 hours.

Your contact initiates a conversation with you first

You will be charged a User-initiated rate if only you replied to them too per 24 hours.

Please use the calculator below for a better estimate of our charges.

Please input the number of BIC and UIC you have used after our free 1000 conversations/month has been exhausted.

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