UI updates for the Team Inbox chat list

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This article introduces the new changes we have done to the Team Inbox chat list to make it easier for operators to identify and decide the chats that need to be responded to.

Operator name

You can now see which operator the chat is assigned to, within the chat preview itself.

Refer this to quickly look at chats which are already being addressed by your team members so you can focus on the ones that aren't assigned.

An empty space in place of operator name means that it is unassigned (assigned to bot).

Unread chats

To make it even easier to identify chats which have new customer messages and are unread, we have updated how we represent a chat as unread to ensure that

  • Only incoming messages from customers would be considered while making a chat unread. Messages sent by other operators or the Bot will not make the chat unread. This includes any broadcast or template messages initiated by operators.
  • If a Bot or an operator replies to a customer message that was unread, the chat will automatically become read so you can focus on other chats where new customer messages have come in.

Additionally, you can view the total count of unread messages upfront without applying the unread chats filter

Improved date and time representation

To reduce the time it takes to identify when the last message was received on the chat, we have grouped chats at a day level so you can quickly identify which chats had the last message on which day and time, specially when you scroll to view older chats

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