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Our Roadmap - See What's Planned

Our Engineers work really hard to deliver the best experience with WATI and we're constantly taking customer feedback to gather ideas on how to improve WATI. 😇 Our Roadmap is public and you can find…


How to add WhatsApp number to Facebook or Instagram pages

Adding a WhatsApp button to your Facebook page, website and Instagram will help you generate highly qualified leads. In this article, we'll learn how we can add a WhatsApp chat widget to these platforms.


WhatsApp Chat Button Integration

Adding a WhatsApp Chat Button to your website. This does not apply to WATI customers with Shopify or Woocommerce integrations. You can directly add the WhatsApp chat button from the integration page…


Creating click-to-chat link

Since your clients need to add your WhatsApp number to chat with you, it's easy to include a short link in your social profiles or online, so that they can click to chat with you directly. You can us…


How can I create a QR Code for my WhatsApp Number?

There are two steps to create a QR Code for your WhatsApp number: Create a WhatsApp Click-to-Chat Link. Convert the Click-to-Chat Link to a QR Code. You can use WATI's WhatsApp QR Code Generator Tool…