Does WATI support Dialogflow Integration?

With our WhatsApp API Gateway Plan, you get direct access to WhatsApp Business APIs. WATI has developed an open-source Dialogflow adapter to allow incoming and outgoing messages to be connected via D…

Updated 1 week ago

How can I send WhatsApp Message from Zoho CRM?

WATI does not have a native app on the Zoho Marketplace, but as we have flexible APIs and webhooks, our integration with Zoho CRM is possible. 1. On the Zoho ‘Settings’ section on top-right corner, c…

Updated 1 week ago

What if I need access to more APIs?

If you need access to more APIs, you can opt for our other product which is WhatsApp API Gateway. With this, you will have access to WhatsApp's APIs directly through our infrastructure. WhatsApp API…

Updated 1 week ago

Where can I find WATI API Documentation?

With WATI CRM Plan, you get the below APIs - Get Messages from WhatsApp Number. Get Message Templates. Get Contact List. Send Message. Send Template Message. Send Template Message CSV. WATI API Docum…

Updated 1 week ago

Can I send OTP on WhatsApp?

You can send OTP using WATI's APIs Please follow these steps: Create a template message for WhatsApp approval first . Once you get approval, you can use the /sendTemplateMessage API to trigger OTP fr…

Updated 1 week ago

How can I add webhooks using WATI or WhatsApp API Gateway?

Webhooks are user-defined HTTP callbacks that are triggered by specific events. Whenever that trigger event occurs, the WhatsApp Business API client sees the event, collects the data, and immediately…

Updated 1 week ago