How to use Google Drive to host media files for templates

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WATI allows you to create template messages containing various types of media including Images (jpeg, png), Videos (mp4), and Documents (pdf). These files can be hosted on any file-sharing platform.

This article is about how files hosted on Google Drive can be used in templates.

  1. Upload the media to Google Drive and set access to Anyone with the link
  2. Go to WATI Dashboard --> Broadcast --> Template messages. Click the New Template Message button
  3. Select Header as Media, and choose type as "Document".
    Here, we have to modify the URL of our file to be accepted into our template.
    If you paste the link from Step 1 directly, it results in an error message: Please input valid image document/video url
    1. To resolve this, copy the Document ID from the URL in step 1:
    2. Paste the Document ID in the following format:<Document_ID>&.<file extension>
    3. The end URL will work when pasted in the Media Header URL section. The URL will look something like this if you are hosting a pdf file:
  4. Fill in other information. You can find the detailed steps to create a template message in: How do I create a template message
  5. Click "Save as Draft", then Submit the template, and wait for it to be approved. If it is approved you can start using it as many times as you want. If it is rejected Troubleshoot template message rejection

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