Manage your Contacts on WATI

How to delete contact attribute in bulk?

This article will guide you step by step on how to delete a contact attribute from all your contacts. Step 1: Please login your WATI ACCOUNT and go to "settings" tabs as shown below: Step 2: Once you…

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How to add an attribute in bulk to a list of contacts?

Add a new Contact list. To add an attribute in bulk to a new list of contacts into WATI, we need to: Access the "Contacts" screen, click "Download Sample Excel" to download the Contacts import templa…


How do I search and sort contacts?

Search contacts by entering keywords in the search textbox: You can sort by Last Updated, Name, Created Date, Status : And s ort by Attributes:


How do I remove contacts?

How to remove one or more contacts? Click at the trash bin icon under Edit/Delete column in a contact's row to delete it: If user wants to mass-delete сontacts he should click checks on the left: Use…


How can I edit a contact?

Click "Edit" to modify the contact information: Under "Phone No." remember to add the country code of the number first, e.g India has an area code of 91, the number would be 911234567890 Click "save"…


How to import contacts to Wati?

Click the "Import" button to import contacts. The next step is to browse the files and upload the CSV file. The button for Map Columns becomes active after the file has been uploaded. The CSV sheet's…


How to add attributes to a contact?

Follow the steps below to add custom attributes : Click ✏️ under Edit/Delete column in contacts. Click + icon to the right of Custom Attributes. Click "Add new attribute+" button. Select "+ ADD NEW"…


How to add a single contact?

Follow the steps below to create a contact : Click "+ Add Contact" button. Fill fields "Name" and "Phone No.". Check "Allow broadcast" and "Allows sms" if there is need to send broadcasts or sms to t…