Manage your Users on WATI

How to force logout a specific user from all active sessions?

This article is only useful for Admin Role. Log User Out From Active Sessions. Sometimes we want users to be logged out of the WATI Dashboard or an active session for some reason. Example: A user in…


How to view, search and delete users?

1. To view Users: When access to the User Management screen, the list of Users will be shown. By default, it's showing 5 records per page. You can select to view more than that on a page by selecting…


Detail Access Menu of each Roles

Role/Menu Team Inbox Contacts Broadcast Template Automation Dashboard API Docs Settings User Management Tenants Webhooks Integration Billing Administrator ​✔ ​✔ ​✔ ​✔ ​✔ ​✔ ​✔ ​✔ ​✔ ​✔ ​✔ ​✔ ✔ Broadc…


How to add team and assign user to team?

1. Why need to have teams? The "team" in WATI is to divide users into different smaller teams. And base on the permission rule, users who belong to the same team can see each other's tickets and vice…