Create contact in HubSpot when new user messages your WhatsApp number

Use case: When someone sends a message to your WhatsApp number for the very first time, automatically create a contact in Hubspot with their Name and Phone Number. Prerequisites: Create an account wi…

Jahnavi Prasad
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HubSpot WhatsApp Integration: Capture New WhatsApp Contacts To HubSpot For Free [Deprecated]

This article will outline how to capture new contacts on HubSpot. You can now use existing workflows on HubSpot for all new leads from WhatsApp as well. Heads up 🔔 - this could take more than 10 minu…


Hubspot Integration

Send WhatsApp Message from HubSpot. To integrate with WATI, the customer's HubSpot account needs to be a Professional plan or higher. To add or delete any integration please contact our support team…