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How to use sequence feature?

What is and where to access the sequence feature? Sequence feature is an add-on to the regular plan and is charged separately. The sequence feature allows the user to schedule messages (in various fo…

Nhi Luong
Updated 6 months ago by Nhi Luong

What is a Reply Material?

While building a Chatbot using WATI Automation, you can create fixed reply templates that can be used to reply as a part of keyword action or default action. Note: Please design the reply material su…

Prabhansh Jain
Updated 6 months ago by Prabhansh Jain

How do I add a Reply Material?

Under Automation, the Reply Material tab allows users to set up reply material directly before creating keywords. Some support types are: In the "Reply Material" menu: Text, Document, Image, Video, S…

Updated 6 months ago